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A Reactor Operation typically is licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is responsible for operating a reactor's controls in cooperation with the remainder of the shift team. The reactor operator moves control rods, starts and stops equipment, implements operations procedures, conducts surveillance tests and records data in logs. Operators work in shifts.

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    Senior Project Manager, New Reactor Deployment
    Primary Purpose
    Develop and manage NEI programs designed to improve the nuclear energy industrys prospects for deploying new nuclear power plants, including advanced LWRs, SMRs and non-LWRs.
    Serve as focus for NEI initiatives on new reactor deploy ..more

    Reactor Core Design Engineer
    Idaho National Lab will change the worlds advanced nuclear technology future! Join us innovate the future!

    The Reactor Systems Design & Analysis (RSD&A) Division establishes new standards of emerging, innovative reactor design through contr ..more

    Electronics Technician Nuclear (ETN)
    Electronics Technician Nuclear (ETN)
    Nuclear Electronics Technicians operate and perform maintenance on the electronic systems that make the nuclear Reactor on Navy ships run. From submarines to aircraft carriers, these Sailors calibrate the actual ..more

    Nuclear Engineer - NM
    Position Description:

    BCS, LLC (BCS) is seeking a nuclear engineer to support and perform activities, including the following:
    Apply principles and theories of nuclear engineering and science to projects involving release, control, and utilizati ..more

    Lead Nuclear Engineer
    Essential Responsibilities:

    Responsible for performing applicable analyses within the nuclear, radiological, criticality, reactivity control, thermal-hydraulic stability analysis, and safety analysis engineering function of the nuclear analysis ce ..more

    Nuclear Engineer - Lemont, IL
    The Nuclear Science and Engineering Division is seeking a highly motivated Nuclear Engineer to join the Safety and Engineering Analysis Department. You will develop computational strategies and computer codes to model the physics and engineering of a ..more

    Senior Nuclear Engineer - Las Vegas, NV
    Senior Nuclear Engineer needed for reactor projects.


    Designs, develops, and tests nuclear equipment and systems. Conducts research on new materials of special interest in nuclear Reactors. Conducts studies related to the det ..more

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